Open CSGO cases without key

All fans of one of the most popular shooters of the past five years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive want one thing: the ability to open CSGO cases without key. Only in these treasure chests, the most valuable and desirable items are kept for any fan: purple and red items. Only the chance to get them in the game is small. Is there any way to increase the chance of getting the necessary skin for an AK-47? Open CSGO cases without key on sites for containers unlocking.

CSGO case opening without keys

The answer to this question that worried, worries, and will worry all newcomers to Counter-Strike is: CSGO case opening without keys is impossible. That is because of the Gabe Newell’s selected policy. Every year Valve makes a lot of money on the keys selling. But what is the «key»? It is a so-called special item, without which it is impossible to unlock CS GO containers. To get it, you can use one of two options. First, spend a couple extra hours on playing. For each match, you will earn special points, which later you can exchange for keys. The second option involves spending real money. The player can simply buy key directly from the Steam. Per week, you usually get two or three cases, then count how much money and time you need to spend. Players have to repeat these actions over and over again because of the installed random algorithm. It gives the most minimal chance to get the best drop. But to save your time and money visit special services on the Internet that allow you to open CSGO cases without keys instantly.

Benefits of service to open CSGO cases without key

Using our service, where you can open CSGO cases online without key, you will get some cool benefits:

  • CSGO case opening without a key;
  • low prices;
  • best drop, like Five-Seven Triumvirate skin or AWP Medusa;
  • prizes, bonuses, and giveaways.

Hurry up to get the top skins and weapons now opening containers from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without a key.