Open CSGO cases online

Nowadays all gamers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who are eager to get the best drops know where to do it and open CSGO cases only. Others may ask, why not open them through Steam service or in the game itself? Well, let’s find out. You might be surprised, but actually to open CSGO cases online is the only way to get rare red or purple items, including the coolest rifles and knives.

Ways of opening CS GO cases: online, in the game or on Steam service

So, let us find out why opening CS GO cases online is the only payable option. First, both on Steam and in the game you will need a special item to open each case, so-called key. To tell the truth, it’s not that easy to get the key. For you have to spend hours of additional time in the game playing various matches. Of course, there is another way; you can buy the special item. Why not, many players could ask. After all, one key doesn’t cost a lot. But think about it, each gamer gets at least three cases every day he plays. And for all of them, he will need to buy keys? This is no money saving!

Moreover, even if they get the keys in the game or buy them, there is no guarantee that after opening the case they will get something cool. Most gamers know why that is. If you don’t, then we’ll explain. Everything is due to the random dropping algorithm developed by Valve Corporation. Gamers have even less that 1 percent of chances to receive something good unboxing crates on Steam or in the game. Gabe Newell and his team simply want to earn money and not lose them. So, that’s understandable.

What to do then? How can gamers receive an expensive knife or a sniper rifle and use them in the game? The answer is right here! Just using our service and opening CS GO cases online.

How to open CSGO cases easily and quickly

Strange as it might seem, but it’s actually very simple to start opening CSGO cases online on automatic service. No more long registrations and waiting while your skins appear in the inventory. All you need is to log in using your Steam account and start unboxing crates online. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

All your questions you can direct to friendly technical support. Be sure, they will help you solve any problems.

If you still have doubts, then just try out the service, look through feedbacks to know is it really worth trusting. And start to open CSGO cases online right now! Good luck!