Open CSGO cases profitably

Dream of getting a rare knife once again when you open CSGO cases? Want to have a red or a purple drop but you can’t get them in the game? Not surprising, because the probability of getting the desirable items in the game is extremely small. Also do not forget about the expensive keys, without them it’s impossible to unlock the crate. But what if there is an alternative? Using the internet marketplace, you can open CSGO cases online through our service without spending extra money on the keys, and get the best drop to your inventory profitably.

Can you open CSGO cases without a key

The answer is quite obvious — you can’t open CSGO cases without key while playing. Valve Company makes a lot of money by selling keys to open them. Such a way, they have no desire to allow players to get desirable guns cheaply. What should do common player in this situation? How can they get necessary skin faster? The answer is simple — buy chests with good loot on third-party services.

Forget about Steam’s unfair drop algorithm. Do not spend huge amounts of time and money on the pursuit for a good drop, if you can get it right now, just buying and opening cases without a key using our service. As well, you can try CS: GO case simulator and see the drop rate on the site.

Reasons for CSGO cases opening on our site

There are several reasons why you should forget a process of CSGO cases opening online on Steam as a nightmare.

  1. The too high price is the first one reason. On our site, you can buy and open CSGO cases for the lower prices than in the game itself. You can save from 20 to 40 percent.
  2. Permanent discounts, promotions, and gifts that will help you to get better weapons more quickly.
  3. Service automation on these case opening sites is the third reason; it’s simpler to earn money through third-party services, then through Steam. Click a couple of times and the best skins will be added to your inventory.
  4. Well, how you can forget about a higher chance to get the desirable skin.

Mistrust, which you think of, is quite understandable. But all doubts will go away as soon as you buy your first case and verify the truth of our words on your first own experience.