Incredible CS GO cases giveaway of the 1st season

CS GO cases giveaway of the 1st seasonHappiness has come to the streets of traders, because an incredible CS GO cases giveaway of the 1st season has just started on the streets of Kuycase. We have already advised several times this service for a number of specific and very understandable reasons. Therefore, first of all, we want to advise you to take part in this event. Because the Internet has not yet seen such scope. Eleven expensive chests are at the stake, from which you can drop out all sorts of items from cheap Cartel to absolutely expensive Karambit. We’ve already taken part, hoping that we will be lucky. The rules, as usual, are the same — you need to share the record with your friends and thus is a registration in the event. It will be a crime if you miss this incredible giveaway of the 1st season CS GO cases on Kuycase.

Expensive skins from CS GO cases giveaway

You have a unique opportunity to get expensive skins and CS GO cases giveaway on Kuycase will allow you to get a huge bunch of different weapons for free. This is a great opportunity because the service itself is very, very good. There you can find the unique design, and a bonus system, and a huge number of very diverse services that allow you to save money. So why don’t you use this service as the best place for getting expensive items for single share among next social networks: Twitter, Facebook or Steam-groups? So why don’t you use this opportunity? One of the best services today is ready to provide you with an event. So let’s get acquainted with the list of cases being played:

  • Gaben;
  • Hobo;
  • Dragon;
  • AWPrice;
  • The Soviet;
  • Housing M4 x M4;
  • Master Chef;
  • Shell of bear arms;
  • Neonic;
  • Cover for safe;
  • Special Operation.

The best chests for free with the best drop. What could be better?

How to get expensive CSGO items

There is a simple opportunity to get the most expensive CSGO items and all you need is to share a giveaway post among your friends. Simple, fast and convenient. The main thing to remember is that the event lasts one week and you shouldn’t wait for too long because time flies and you don’t wanna miss it.