CSGO glove skins

One of the latest updates for your favorite game Counter-Strike Global Offensive has blown up the Internet. We are speaking, of course, about in-CSGO glove skins, which are assumed to become as rare and important as most desirable knife skins.

So, Glove Cases in the game, what so unique about them? The main thing, of course, that CSGO gloves skins are no ordinary loot, they come as special items. Those players who have at least once tried to hunt knives know how low are the chances to get such a special skin. Nevertheless, you can buy or sell CS GO gloves on our trading site at any moment!

What about the design of brand new CSGO glove skins

Altogether there are 24 different skins designs introduced in the game by CSGO community.

Gloves are made for you in completely different styles. Ranging from camo variants, desert and urban ones to futuristic colors and harlequin drawings. Moreover, CSGO glove skins are made from various materials; it can be synthetics or more standard leather components.

There is no doubt that while the gamers try to obtain these rare items, Valve corporation will breed even more funds.

Best CSGO glove skins to get

So, here is a list of some of the best CSGO glove skins you can now get:

Bloodhound Gloves | Bronzed

These are fingerless gloves adorned with metal studs. They are made from leather dyed bronze and gun metal.

Specialist | Forest DDPAT

They are rugged, breathable and, most importantly, nifty. They are destined for combat. Made from leather together with DDPAT printed fabric it is for those people who hate getting their hands dirty.

Driver | Crimson Weave

Very stylish. Made from black suede intertwined with scarlet leather these driving gloves have a timeless look.

Hand Wraps | Slaughter

They are for those gamers who love hand-to-hand fights. Their main aim is not style buy stabilizing the wrist while beating. The crimson color of these wraps makes it hard to guess where the fabric ends and bloodstains start. Why not work with your hands?

Moto Gloves | Cool Mint

Those gross and hard gloves can keep their wearer safe from road rash at as much as 70 miles per hour. Made of gentle leather dyed blue and accented with different geometric patterns in arctic color these unique skins make the combat refreshing as never before.