CSGO trading site

We all know that there are lots of CSGO trading sites all over the Internet. Most gamers of this most favored game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are convinced that such sites are swindlers and won’t let you sell items for real money. But is it true? Why don’t some of the gamers trust such services? Actually, there are no reasons. They are just afraid. Because they know what it is like to look for someone to buy your skin, spending months on this and in the end get scammed and deceived. However, it’s not like that when it comes to CSGO trading sites. They offer real guarantees, in addition to many other advantages. So, let’s get to know more about such websites and how to make money on CS:GO profitably.

How CSGO trading sites work

You may think it’s strange; however, the only two required things to register on such services are a working Steam account and an email. So, how to sell CSGO skins for real money on marketplaces?

Following the registration, you should access the Inventory, single out those skins you want to sell from those you’d like to keep, for the time being, tick them and push the button “get cash”. The money will be transferred to your e-wallet within no more than 5 minutes.

Some other features of CSGO trading sites

Besides a great opportunity to sell items on such services, you can also buy skins with PayPal or Visa. As for cases, there you wouldn’t need a key to open any of them (unlike on Steam and in the game). Moreover, the chances of getting a cool item on CSGO trading sites are 10 times as high as on Steam. We all know that Gabe Newell and his team have launched a random dropping algorithm on their servers that doesn’t let gamers win at least anything worthy, not to mention red or gold skins.

Other advantages of CSGO trading site

Though we have already spoken about quite a few perks of such services, here are advantages of our service:

  1. Instant payout through various payment systems: Qiwi, Bitcoin, Paypal etc;
  2. Automatic sites’ system and easy interface;
  3. Helpful technical support;
  4. Gift and discounts.