CS GO case simulator

What is CS GO case simulator? What to expect when using it? These questions are among the most common asked today by gamers and fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Strange as it might seem but firing in the face of terrorists is no longer the best part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Today the gamers have found rejoicing in opening up different cases trying to get the best drop possible. This is real gambling. Each time you open up one of these stylish-looking bad boys you get a small digital wheel that displays what might be inside the case, ranging from worthless ordinary guns to most exclusive desirable knife skins that may cost a fortune on the market.

So, let us understand what CS GO case simulator is all about.

What is CS GO case simulator

Today there are a lot of sites all over the internet where you can find CS GO case simulator. They say it works quite well and offers a similar experience to that of opening cases in the game itself. But is it really true? To understand this one should try the services and open a few cases himself. The question is how similar to original cases those you open on such sites are. This is of course lottery. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t win. For example, the original Chroma case containes quite a number of expensive brand new knives and you are very likely to get one of those virtually when opening this case in CSGO cases simulator.

CSGO case simulator applications

Today you can install CSGO case simulators from App Store or Google Play absolutely for free. The objective of this game is of course to simulate case opening in Counter Strike, as it if did it for real. In the game, you gain virtual money and can use them to buy or sell different skins. Moreover, you can buy keys and open cases with them. The prices of all skins and cases are updated from Steam every day. Thanks to this game you can enjoy real instant of awe without losing any real money. So, take advantage of this CS GO virtual case opener right now!
And if you play the game every day prepare to receive awesome Daily Prizes. Make use of different bonuses!